Axe-wielding robbers scare family

A TOOWOOMBA family is still recovering after being terrorised by three men wielding axes during a violent armed robbery of a motel in James Street.

Country Gardens Motor Inn managers Graeme and Sally Elsley were confronted by the armed teenagers in the reception area at 7.30pm on Sunday.

The trio demanded to know the location of their safe. Mrs Elsley, 48, and her two children fled into an adjoining room.

Toowoomba police Sergeant Vern Holcombe said Mr Elsley, 50, threw a chair at the offenders before fleeing into the adjoining room and shutting the sliding door.

The family was terrified as the trio then began chopping the timber door with their axes.

“The witnesses fled and closed the sliding door while the offenders attacked the door with axes,” Sgt Holcombe said.

The offenders failed to break through the timber door.

The family stayed hiding in the room while the trio ransacked the reception area and stole a small amount of cash.

It is believed the offenders fled on foot.

Toowoomba police, including the dog squad, searched the area until 11.30pm but the offenders were not located.

It is believed the three offenders are Caucasian, aged in their late teens, and had their faces covered by bandannas.

One offender was wearing a white jumper, the second was wearing a red jumper, and the third was wearing a dark-coloured jumper.

The family was not physically injured.

Police are canvassing nearby businesses for possible CCTV footage.

The weapons used have been described as similar to a double-sided axe.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The witnesses fled and closed the sliding door while the offenders attacked the door with axes.

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