Debbie Murphy has hired QAS baby capsules for her daughters and said it gave her peace of mind knowing someone like Dennis Todd had professionally fitted them.
Debbie Murphy has hired QAS baby capsules for her daughters and said it gave her peace of mind knowing someone like Dennis Todd had professionally fitted them.

Baby capsules are back in business

BABIES will be able to get home safe around the Central Highlands once more as the Emerald Queensland Ambulance Service baby capsule service is up and running.

While the service has been available to new mums and dads for the past few years, the Emerald QAS had trouble finding a permanent installer for the capsules each week.

Dennis Todd was just the man they were looking for and has taken on the job for one day per week at the Emerald station.

The retired Willows man has spent plenty of time volunteering for the community and said he enjoyed helping out.

“The gang in Brisbane rang me and asked me if I was interested,” he said.

“Being retired, I thought ‘why not?’”

Working at the Emerald station for the past couple of weeks, Dennis said he had installed a few capsules already and that new parents were very happy the hassle had been taken out of the job for them.

“A fella came last week and got a brand-new one fitted straight out of the box because he had to go back around to the hospital to get the new baby home,” Dennis said.

“He was over the moon.”

The Emerald station lost 11 capsules at the start of the year due to flood damage, which Dennis said would be replaced with new stock by the Queensland Government.

“They had to be destroyed because they were just filled with silt and dirt, which you just can’t put a baby in,” he said.

“It’s all about safety first here.”

The service has about 35 capsules available to hire at any time and Dennis said the usual duration of hire was about six months, or until the baby grew out of the capsule.

“A lot of people just want their capsule to be fitted correctly so it is safe,” he said.

One Emerald mum who has taken advantage of the service is Debbie Murphy, who first moved to the area in 2007.

She said the service was fantastic and that it put new parents’ minds at ease.

“It’s more peace of mind that someone has checked your car seat and you know it’s going to be safe,” she said.

“It has been fantastic.”

The mother-of-two said she had used the capsule service for both of her girls, Seraid and Siena and said she wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

“I’d say do it for sure,” she said to anyone thinking of hiring a capsule from the QAS.

Debbie said when purchasing a new capsule, the instruction manual wasn’t always the easiest to follow and that having someone experienced do it for you took the stress away.

The QAS fits more than 12,000 baby capsules each year across the state and offers an economical alternative to purchasing one for the first six months of a baby’s life.

The hire fee includes the use of the capsule for six months, fitting of the capsule and the hygienic cleaning of the capsule upon its return.

From 2009 the Queensland Government introduced legislation which required children up to seven years old to be restrained appropriately when travelling in a motor vehicle.

For more information or to book a baby capsule fitting time and location with the Queensland Ambulance Service, phone 13QGOV (137 468).

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