Baden-Clay murder trial jurors must answer three questions

POTENTIAL jurors for the Gerard Baden-Clay murder trial will be asked next Tuesday  if they have ever suggested he was guilty or innocent.

Jurors in the high-profile trial, which is expected to involve more than 70 witnesses, must answer three questions to determine their suitability.

They will be asked if they, or their immediate family, lived near Brookfield, where Mr Baden-Clay is alleged to have murdered his wife Allison, in April, 2012.

Jurors also must disclose whether they have ever attended any fundraising event or contributed to any fund set up for Allison's disappearance or death.

Mr Baden-Clay is accused of murdering the mother of his three children at their Brookfield home, in Brisbane, on April 20 and then dumping her body under a bridge at Kholo Creek, near Ipswich.

A canoeist found the mother of three's body 10 days after she went missing.

Mr Baden-Clay, a former real estate agent, reported her missing and has formally entered a not guilty plea.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller told the Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday that the jury selection process was an "unusual method".

He said he expected the trial to run for about four weeks.

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