Bail refused for ‘most wanted'

A COURT has heard a Hervey Bay man accused of causing grievous bodily harm to a baby girl in June is also one of the country's most wanted.

Yesterday the man, who can't be named to protect the identity of the child, was committed to the Hervey Bay District Court on a date to be set for the alleged offence.

When defence lawyer John Milburn attempted to have his client released on bail, police prosecutor Sergeant Kath Stagoll revealed just how unlikely that would be.

She said checks on the man showed he was on the top 10 list of the New South Wales Police Service's Most Wanted based on outstanding alleged offences in the southern state. She also said the man was wanted for questioning in relation to a series of “very serious offences” including sexual assault and an incident in which he allegedly tried to run two police officers over with his car.

She dismissed Mr Milburn's suggestions that the man would not attempt to track down the mother of the child, despite the fact she had moved interstate and had not disclosed her address.

Even if bail was granted, Sgt Stagoll said police would “simply arrest” the man straight away and begin the extradition process with New South Wales where police were “very keen” to speak with him.

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell said apart from any risk he may or may not pose to the community there were also “very, very heavy grounds” on which the prosecution could object to bail based on the fact that the man had “shown a propensity to try and escape from police” and would likely fail to appear in court.

Bail was refused.

Among the evidence handed to the district court were statements from police officers, medical professionals and the child's mother, several recorded interviews and 14 exhibits which include more than 40 photographs.

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