Baking-related products will sell like hot cakes from show

The Great Australian Bake Off hosts Shane Jacobson and Anna Gare. Supplied by Channel 9/WIN.
The Great Australian Bake Off hosts Shane Jacobson and Anna Gare. Supplied by Channel 9/WIN. Contributed by Channel 9/WIN

MAKE sure you eat something before watching The Great Australian Bake Off.

Otherwise, you will be craving all manner of sweet treats from cupcakes to rocky road to lemon meringue.

The new series is the Aussie version of the hit British show, which puts amateur home bakers through their paces for a shot at a new dream kitchen.

"This show in England is huge," Shane Jacobson told The Guide.

"It unleashed in people 'that's what I'm going to do this weekend'.

"Sales of baking-related products went up 20% (in the UK) because of this show."

Jacobson co-hosts the sugary show with former MasterChef Junior host Anna Gare.

Surprisingly, and perhaps better for his blood sugar levels, Jacobson says he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

"The thing about baking is that it also involves breads, sausage rolls and pies. Hello, there's my weakness," he laughed.

"One of the best days I've ever had in entertainment was the day they did sausage rolls. It was like having Dracula in the blood bank."

The Great Australian Bake Off - Nine/WIN - Tuesday at 8pm

Putting the diverse group of 10 Aussie bakers, who range from a boxer to an IT guy to an accountant, through their paces, are judges Kerry Vincent, America's cake queen, and Aussie pastry chef Dan Lepard.

Vincent, a self-taught cake designer, and the co-founder of the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, is baking royalty in the US.

"She is a tough judge, but underneath all that, she's a soft-hearted warm person," Jacobson said.

"She's like that aunty, or grandmother, or teacher, who was so strict on the students, but it doesn't mean that she's not going to compliment you. It doesn't mean you can't impress her."

In each episode, the contestants face off in three challenges, the signature bake, the technical bake and the show-stopper, before one is crowned "star baker" and one is eliminated.

"I'm hoping Australia will smell like a baker's kitchen by the end of the show," Jacobson said.

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