Balloon ban idea floated in Qld

QUEENSLANDERS can still have their say on a new draft strategy designed to cut waste, Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Kate Jones said today.

Ms Jones said one of the options flagged in the draft waste strategy, which was released seven weeks ago, was to ban lighter-than-air balloons at Queensland Government events.

“Nowhere in the draft Strategy does it propose to ban helium balloons at private functions, or any functions not sponsored by the State Government,” Ms Jones said.

“The draft strategy is intended to generate public discussion about actions we can take to reduce the impact of waste on our environment."

At least one council is already considering the ban, with Sunshine Coast councillor Keryn Jones claiming balloons had a “dreadful” impact on the environment and wildlife.

Minister Jones said banning the mass release of lighter-than-air balloons at Government functions is not a new idea.

“For more than a decade, New South Wales has had legislation in place banning the mass release of lighter-than-air balloons," she said.

“Queensland conservation groups have argued for years that it would not only cut waste but reduce the death rate of marine animals."

To have your say on the draft strategy, visit

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