Rhiannon Lawson and Leanne Berry depart Big W with a swag of goodies during yesterday’s sale.
Rhiannon Lawson and Leanne Berry depart Big W with a swag of goodies during yesterday’s sale. Kerri Burns-Taylor

Bargains lure shoppers to spend

YESTERDAY was round two of the Boxing Day sales for Warwick shoppers, with Rose City Shoppingworld opening its doors to bargain hunters.

Despite the sale day madness seen in other places, there was no barrage of shoppers fighting to enter the store at the crack of dawn in Warwick, with most people choosing to meander down to the shops closer to lunch time.

Shoppers Rhiannon Lawson and Leanne Berry hit the shops together just before lunch and ended up leaving with a little more than they intended.

Mrs Lawson stopped in Big W for one bottle of sunscreen but left armed with a bag of Boxing Day bargains.

The women wandered through a couple of other stores while they were in the centre but said it wasn't something they did every year.

"I don't usually come for the sales but everything I bought today was on sale," Mrs Berry said.

Danny and Jenny Thornton hit the shops with their five children in tow yesterday, with their sights set on a new X-box, but couldn't resist a few more items along the way.

"We have also got some Christmas wrapping paper and cards and getting ready for Christmas, 2012," Mrs Thornton said.

The couple's children, Seth, 10, Joseph, 8, William, 6 and Beau and Noah, both 2, patiently browsed the aisles alongside their parents.

Rose City Shoppingworld manager Jason Gard said shoppers were off to a slow start this morning but said there were "plenty of people" taking advantage of the discounts on offer.

"By all appearances it doesn't seem to be too bad but I probably expected more people to be out and about and stocking up on items," Mr Gard said.

"It has been a positive result and I hope the public came down and took the opportunity to have a look at what was on offer.

"The popular stores seemed to be those having the Boxing Day sales, the supermarkets and a lot of the fashion stores," he said.

Mr Gard said a lot of people used yesterday as a chance to use gift cards they received at Christmas and others returned unwanted gifts.

Yesterday followed a successful pre-Christmas sales period, with people coming out in droves in the lead-up to Santa's arrival.

"Last week was a really good week and it was definitely a significant improvement on last year," Mr Gard said.

Although Christmas is done and dusted for another 12 months, Mr Gard said he was hopeful people would continue to spend money and boost the local economy.

"Normally by the time we're getting to the end of the school holidays we start to have the back to school rush on and hopefully in the year people will be happier and spending more money," he said.

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