Deputy Premier John Barilaro during his visit to the Macadamia Processing Company in Alphadale.
Deputy Premier John Barilaro during his visit to the Macadamia Processing Company in Alphadale. Marc Stapelberg

Barnaby, CCTV and rail trail: Deputy Premier has his say

DURING his visit to the Northern Rivers, the NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro gave his response to some hot topics circling our region.

Baranby Joyce:

Following the controversy surrounding the Australian Federal Government and the Nationals Party, Mr Barilaro said he feels regardless of anyone's commentary it is a personal matter and needs to be dealt with in privacy.

"I think Barnaby now needs some time away, which is what the Prime Minister has granted him and I think he needs to resolve that with family first,” Mr Barilaro said.

The question has been put of the premiers across Australia whether they should adopt a similar ministerial code of contact that Malcolm Turnbull has introduced for Federal parliamentarians.

"The Premier was asked those questions, she has responded to the ministerial code of conduct and I know there is a lot of conversation about that now,” Mr Barilaro said.

"I will look forward to seeing what the Premier wants to do in that space but as I saw last week most premiers out there across all states are saying it's not a priority and (are) getting on with the issues at hand.”

Lismore CCTV Cameras:

Mr Barilaro said Lismore Council should keep applying for relevant grants after failing to acquire State Government funding last year for a half a million dollar upgrade to the CCTV cameras in the CBD.

"Council owns the asset, it owns the program so therefore, in real terms, it needs to drive it,” he said.

"I'm more than happy for them to lobby Thomas George and the State Government and we'll see where we can play in the space.”

Mr Barilaro said he thinks all communities and governments of all levels need to be tough on law and order.

"If the crime rate is an issue here in Lismore, which is seems to be, then this is a tool that we should be investing in.

"We know the CCTV cameras work in that space.”

Northern Rivers Rail Trail:

After the rail trail between Murwillumbah and Crabbes Creek received the green light, Mr Barilaro said the State Government could officially begin their trials at three NSW locations.

"We said we were going to trial three areas - we are getting on with the trials and from that hopefully it will lead to more opportunities throughout the region,” he said.

Mr Barilaro said his office has already received 25 to 30 expressions of interest from councils and communities across NSW.

"Let's get the rail trails out of the ground, see what we learn from them and from that, it will absolutely help us learn and build onto a rail trail program for the future.”

He said the best way to preserve rail for the future is to use the corridor for some purpose.

"It hasn't come without any pain, in parts of the state there are people who are absolutely against rail trails.

"They feel that if we turn a rail corridor into a rail trail somehow we lose the opportunity for rail coming back online which is incorrect.”

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