Alisa Fraser clearly upset over
Alisa Fraser clearly upset over "unfair" scores.

Bathroom blowout delivers The Block's highest 2014 ratings

A TANTRUM from the fallen bathroom queens Alisa and Lysandra Fraser helped The Block: Fan vs Faves get its highest ratings of the season last night.

But it wasn't quite enough to beat Seven's ratings juggernaut My Kitchen Rules and the debut of the MKR food truck.

Last night's main bathroom reveal, in which the "super K's" Kyal and Kara scored three perfect 10's from the judges for their faultless bathroom, attracted a peak audience of nearly two million viewers and averaged 1.504 million viewers across the five metro cities.

The "super K's" Kyal and Kara are on a roll.

My Kitchen Rules narrowly won the night with an average metro audience of 1.624 million viewers.

The twins' emotional blow-out after receiving an "unfair" score of five out of 10 from judge Shaynna Blaze helped The Block to narrow the ratings gap with MKR.

Blaze called the bathroom "uncomfortable" to be in and fellow judge Darren Palmer didn't know what to make of Alisa and Lysandra's earthy art piece.

"I don't know if it's a sponge or moss or what, but it's weird," he said.

It's the lowest score the Adelaide mums have ever received on the show, after winning last year's Sky High series, and they reacted by dropping a few "f-bombs" and declaring they wished they hadn't returned to the show.

Producers block out an expletive from Alisa's on-camera rant.
Producers block out an expletive from Alisa's on-camera rant.

They also questioned the show's integrity and the consistency of the judges' scores.

"It's all about fairness and it's so obvious what's happening and it's not fair," Alisa said on the show last night.

"Lysandra and I know when we do bad rooms.

"We are aware when our rooms aren't good and we're aware when we do produce a good room and we know what kind of scores we should expect…. The scores are laughable."

The drama follows contestant Steve O'Donnell's Facebook rant in which he took offense to how he's been portrayed on the renovation show.

Moving forward, can the disgruntled teams regroup to stop the "unbeatable" Kyal and Kara's winning streak?

The Block: Fans vs Faves continues tonight at 7.30pm on Nine/WIN.

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