DIVING IN: Emerald Seals are looking forward to another exciting season this year.
DIVING IN: Emerald Seals are looking forward to another exciting season this year. Kelly Butterworth

Battle against the clock

EMERALD Seals are getting ready to dive into the 2018/2019 swim season, giving local children the opportunity to challenge their own personal bests.

Emerald Seals president Michael Gaskin said the sports allowed the swimmers to compete against themselves.

"It's an excellent sport, " he said.

"It's an individual sport and also a team sport because they have relay events and team events at different carnivals, but it is also good for the individuals.

"It's kind of a solo sport because the saying is 'it's just the swimmer and the black line', but it's great for the individual to try and do the best with what they can.

"It's also very good health wise, it's one of the best things kids can do.

"They don't have to be world beaters, just have a go.

"It also gives them the ability to challenge themselves. They are racing against the clock.

"They don't necessarily have to beat the person beside them, because there could be different ages.

"I just want the kids to get the best that they can get out of their swimming and have a lot of fun.”

The Emerald Seals season will run through Term 4 and into Term 1, 2019, and is open to all school ages, up from seven-years-old.

Enrolment has already commenced and Mr Gaskin said the season was already looking bright.

"Most of our enrolment at the moment is those lower ages, which is good because that's our future,” he said.

"Last season we had record memberships and hopefully this year will be the same.

"We are looking forward to another pretty good season.”

The first club night will be held on Tuesday, October 9.

Swimmer registration can be completed via Join Now at qld.swimming.org.au/.

To find out more, contact emeraldseals@outlook.com or phone 0407488406 and for squad training, contact head coach Jodi Sprought on 0417734965.

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