Tracey Glasson and Julie Cleary say goodbye to their old figures as they proudly show off all their hard work.
Tracey Glasson and Julie Cleary say goodbye to their old figures as they proudly show off all their hard work.

Beating the bulge together

THERE are plenty of people who struggle to shed those unwanted kilos, but Julie Cleary and Tracey Glasson are proving it is not an impossible battle to win.

Together, Julie and Tracey have lost a combined weight of 80kg through the Weight Watchers ProPoints program.

Julie said the trigger to shed the weight was her chronic foot pain and getting her high risk of diabetes under control.

"I am now healthy and pain free," Julie said jubilantly.

"Fitting into my size 10 little black dress was the icing on the Christmas cake."

Involved in Weight Watchers for the past two-and-a-half years, retired life coach Julie is now the group leader of the meetings and is very proud of her achievements.

Julie said it was important for a group leader to be "authentic" and having struggled with losing weight for many years she could empathise and share experiences with the group.

"It's about losing and maintaining weight for yourself, but not by yourself, as well as making small changes to habits and getting great results," she said.

Julie said Tracey was an inspiration for people at meetings, having lost a total of 56.2kg since January last year.

"Tracey's willingness to openly and candidly share both the ups and downs of her journey with members is very powerful. She is a living example of what is possible," she said.

Since the success of Emerald Weight Watchers meetings, Julie has now started meetings in Bluff.

"I encourage everyone out there who wants to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle to give it a go," she said.

Because obesity is a key factor impacting on the health and productivity of employees, Julie is also looking for interested employers for the Weight Watchers At Work Program.

For more information or to join one of the meetings, email Julie at or call the customer service centre on 13 19 97.

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