Beau Mulheran has lost 20.5kg in weight over 9 weeks and did it be eliminating toxins from his body.
Beau Mulheran has lost 20.5kg in weight over 9 weeks and did it be eliminating toxins from his body.

Toowoomba man's amazing body transformation in a month

HE was tired, bloated, overweight, feeling foggy, fatigued and unhealthy.

But after undertaking an intense weight-loss regime, Beau Mulheran feels like a new person.

The Toowoomba man set himself a goal in December to weigh less than 100kg for his 40th birthday.

He is now well on the way to his goal and credits a program which promotes education, clean eating, protein shakes, fibre boosts, body cleansing and herbal detox teas.

Mr Mulheran started his healthy living program on January 2 this year by recording what he was eating and drinking daily.

On day 30 he had lost 13.3kg and 28.5cm around his chest, stomach, waist.

He's on track to complete his goal by April 16 and yesterday weighed 110kg.

His wife Peta Mulheran promotes the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond he has been following.

"He was feeling great by this day and had also incorporated exercise into his daily routine," she said.

"Beau also said he never feels hungry, it's a balanced food program with amazing nutritional (foods) that are safer for you. Healthy doesn't need to be complicated."

Mrs Mulheran said the program was free and mostly about education.

"Firstly we are getting rid of all the nasty toxins from our body and that usually takes about 28 days.

"Then we are making the right choices and feeding our bodies with the fuel it needs.

"You wouldn't add chocolate milk to your vehicle and expect it to perform properly, so why do we put dirty fuel into our bodies?"

Mrs Mulheran said she would be presenting Healthy Happy Hour sessions at the Toowoomba Regional Library in coming weeks.

For more information on the upcoming sessions and the program call Mrs Mulheran on 0402 946 847.

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