Best friends
Best friends

Best friends stay true throughout time

The best people to have in your life are friends who have known you since primary school.

It is these special people who have shared in your passions; who know all about your teenage crushes and those awkward, ugly moments.

It is these friends who will defend you in a heartbeat, who pretend to be your lesbian lover when a dodgy guy tries to hit on you and who can always be counted on to save a seat for you on the bus (with you reciprocating all of the above without hesitation). They tell you to pull your head in when necessary, celebrate your successes and encourage you to strive for your dreams.

These friends challenge and engage with you on an intellectual level, and yet, are always up for an adventure or shenanigans.

These friends are reliable, trustworthy, genuine, honest and ooze integrity. You can be yourself around them because they've seen you at your best and your very worst. You've laughed, cried, shared secrets and hugged through the good times and the bad. When life throws up a curve ball, these friends stick around (like a sucked, sticky Allen's Snake lolly stuck to a movie theatre screen).

Friends and lovers come and go, but these special friends stay true (like Mulder's truth sought).

The decades may pass, but when you do catch up, it's like no time has passed at all. You continue to talk about your favourite teachers, the mean girls at school and the misadventures had on the 598.

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