Best is yet to come for Ben

BEN Hunt's father Geoff said the Brisbane Broncos are rallying behind their star halfback and have no concerns about his ability to recover from his grand final nightmare. Hunt spilt the ball from the extra-time kick-off, handing the Cowboys first crack at a winning field goal.


Geoff had been in the Broncos camp leading up to the big day and stayed with them until the Brisbane presentation ball on Friday night, where Ben picked up the best back and shared in the try of the year award.

He said his son will be fine and that he has the best network of support around him.

"Kevin Walters said to him '999 times he doesn't drop the ball - that didn't lose the game for them, they shouldn't have put themselves in that position'," Geoff said.

"The boys were magnificent. No one has lost control or blaming anyone, they are just a group that have stuck together. They are so tight.

"They have had their reviews and they are already talking about next season. They will be there, rattling the cage.

"Anyone who knows footy has seen what he has done this year. The best is yet to come."

Growing up, it was evident that Ben was a step ahead of the Blackwater Crushers pack, and as Geoff described, he always had that "natural ability" on top of a "real dedication" to the game.

"As a kid his biggest asset was that he could rise to another level as he went through the grades. He rose to the occasion naturally," Geoff said.

"Some kids could dominate their local league but not make the step up to representative, where Ben had no problems.

"He always had that natural ability, and never got flustered. He was just one of the kids with a few more skills. But he had to work incredibly hard and he did that."

Ben always wanted to make it as a player - he had big dreams but it wasn't until he played under-20s for the club when he truly realised that he wanted it.

"I remember saying to him 'It's either go and work and play footy for fun or play footy seriously and get paid for it' - he made his choice pretty quickly," Geoff said.

"He has always dedicated to the game and he will become twice as strong from this.

"He will be fine."

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