Big Al thinks he’s got what it takes to be the Great Aussie Larrikin.
Big Al thinks he’s got what it takes to be the Great Aussie Larrikin. File

Big Al a mate to everyone

BIG Al is a can man, he can drink his mates under the table and he'd bend over backwards for a beer.

Emu Park turf farmer Alan Hayes thinks he's got what it takes to be the Great Aussie Larrikin.

Men of Beer, a nationwide quest to find the Great Aussie Larrikin, has been launched.

The competition invites blokes aged 18 to 80 to enter for the chance to win a truckload of prizes including a three-day trip to the Gold Coast where 12 lucky finalists will appear in the first ever Men of Beer calendar alongside Australia's top bikini models.

You also have the chance to win beer for a year by submitting your beer code – a code written by blokes for blokes. The beer code outlines general rules of practice for the great Aussie larrikin.

Big Al, whose catch cry is “Big Al is your pal”, said his number one rule in the beer code was to always order the biggest glass.

“And if they don't have a big glass, I'll drink it from a jug,” Al said.

One of Al's finest sayings is – “G'day fellas how you doin'? Is there an alcohol outlet because I've got an alcohol inlet.”

“Nothing beats drinking with your mates,” he said.

Al believes every hard-working tradie deserves to crack open an icy-cold beer when the job's done.

“As soon as the job's done, it's beer o'clock,” he said.

When Al is out on a drinking session he usually finds himself chatting to strangers.

“I've met loads of strangers that have become mates over a beer,” he said.

“Beer brings out trust. You can trust anyone when you're drinking beer.

“If you look after your wife and take her shopping, you will earn yourself a beer.”

To enter the beer comp, simply become a Men of Beer member at and nominate yourself, your best mate, your dad or even your granddad.


  • Always order the biggest glass or drink it from a jug
  • Don't touch another man's beer or wife
  • Beer o'clock can be as early as 7am on a fishing trip
  • When you're drinking beer you can trust anyone
  • Don't drink and drive
  • If you look after your wife you will earn yourself a beer

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