BIG NEWS: Owner of Underfashion World Kay Weier holding a Berlei Barely There
BIG NEWS: Owner of Underfashion World Kay Weier holding a Berlei Barely There "Jeanious". Sarah Harvey

Big briefs are back!

IPSWICH women are abandoning the once popular G-string in favour of larger knickers.

Lingerie sales reveal big briefs, widely associated with the movie character of ‘singleton' Bridget Jones, are no longer considered a fashion crime.

Underfashion World owner Kay Weier said fuller control briefs now outsold the G-string 10 to one in her Ipswich store.

“They smooth out the problem areas and just give women more support,” Ms Weier said.

The shift away from skimpy underwear echoes the findings of a recent survey showing sales of large undies in England have soared dramatically in 2010, up 42 per cent in just three months.

Demand for the style has resulted in big briefs hitting stores in a range of colours.

“Skin is still our primary colour,” Ms Weier said.

“It merges with the body and can be worn under anything.”

She said it was not just fuller-figured women wearing them, as ladies of all shapes and sizes were embracing the trend.

Ms Weier said brides were also choosing the more flattering larger knickers to look their best.

“People would be surprised to know what brides wear under their dress,” she said.

“It used to be all suspender belts and G-strings.

“Now they want something which gives them a smoother silhouette.”

The latest ladylike looks from the catwalks are also inspiring women to pick high-waisted briefs.

Berlei Group Queensland and northern New South Wales territory manager Donna Schabe said the waist-clinching styles had been made famous by curvy actress Christina Hendricks, star of American drama Mad Men.

“It is a much-healthier trend for women,” she said.

“Christina Hendricks has had a big influence.

“She epitomises what girls want to look like.”

Ms Schabe said celebrities like Oprah and British fashion advisors Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of What Not to Wear fame had also promoted the garments.

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