FIRST DAY: Heidi Brosnan is excited to start school.
FIRST DAY: Heidi Brosnan is excited to start school. Kaitlyn Gutzke Emedeniprep

Big day for Emerald's littlest students

NERVOUS parents were a sight to be seen around the Central Highlands for the first day of school this year.

Prep students were waking up mums and dads at 6am, ready to go with uniforms donned and lunchboxes ready to be filled.

Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School welcomed Ayva Lynam to Prep, and she was excited to make some new friends.

"Their names are Katie and Tayla," she said.

She hopes to make 20 new friends but she is nervous about starting.

"I'm nervous because it's my first day," she said.

Across town at Denison State School Heidi Brosnan was battling sickness but determined to make friends and go to school with her big sister who was stepping into Year 4.

Heidi's mum Bek said Heidi was most looking forward to drawing and learning to read.

"It is very exciting, a bit sad - It hasn't really sunk in yet. Where does the time go?" Bek said.

Emerald State School welcomed new Prep student Cooper Mann, who was very excited about starting his first day at school.


"I am excited," he said.

"Today is my first day."


A big smile lit up Cooper's face as he saw his older cousin, Brett Mann, walk into the school yard and was quick to say hello to the friendly face.

Cooper's mum Hayley said it was a special day for the whole family.

"This is the third generation of our family at this school," she said.

Emerald North State School welcomed Aimee Atkinson and Leighton Morgan to its Prep classes, and both said they had a great first day.


"I had a good day," Aimee said.

"I played outside and made a honey bee."


All the other boys and girls were nice to Aimee, which she was impressed about.

"Leighton is my friend,"

Aimee said she was very brave all day.

"I didn't miss Mum," she said.

Leighton said he also had fun at school.

"I played outside and in the sandpit," he said.

"I did drawings."

All the Emerald schools welcomed a new intake of Prep students, with the kids spending yesterday learning about big school and how things are run.

St Brigid's opens the doors. 

EMERALD'S St Brigid's Catholic Primary School has officially opened the gates for the first time, and principal Mick Roach said the day went well. 

  "It's gone really well, the kids settled in very quickly and parents were very brave," he said.    "The first lunch time went well, the kids are still getting used to their surroundings but the playground was a hit and so were the hula hoops.    "Everything has gone so well, the whole six months of planning for this day and it couldn't have gone better."    One of the new prep students, Ayla Stallan said she was most excited for lunch.     "Lunch and playing," Ayla said when asked about what she wanted to do most at prep.   "I want to make friends and do writing," she said.    "I got my backpack for Christmas from Mum and Dad.   "I already know two friends that go to school here."      Ayla was excited to start school and she was eager to look around her new classroom and meet her teacher.   "I don't know everyone's name yet," Ayla said.    Mr Roach said the first week at St Brigid's will be a big one.    "We have St Brigid's Feast Day on February 1, so we are having a day of activities on Friday and a liturgy Friday morning," he said.     "Friday evening we have the families all welcome down at the school for a barbeque at 6pm.   "It will be great for all the families to meet each other.   "They can build a community, which is what St Brigid's is all about."      Mr Roach said he was sure a lot of happy kids were going to head home to their parents in the afternoon.   "I think there's going to be some excited kids heading home to tell their parents how much they loved their first day," he said.   "There were some nervous parents and some nervous kids, a few tears in the morning but we have all pulled through and the first day has been great."   With the new facilities which include a pre-prep classroom and play area, the school was a hit with parents and kids alike.   

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