Jessica Plant from Bella Boutique on Glebe gives Bryden North the Body Blowdry.
Jessica Plant from Bella Boutique on Glebe gives Bryden North the Body Blowdry. Rob Williams

Big hair is back and hot for 2012

IPSWICH women are shelving straighteners and picking up blow-dryers and rollers, as they embrace full-bodied hairstyles.

Women are eager to mimic celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton, who have been credited with leading the body blow-dry revival.

Bella Boutique on Glebe director Jessica Plant said her salon had seen a rise in women asking for regular blow-dries.

"For years fashionable hair was sleek and straight, but big, glamorous blow-dries are definitely back," Ms Plant said.

"We get a lot of busy women coming in for weekly blow-dries.

"A body blow-dry can last for several days if properly done, and working women need low-fuss, achievable styles that look professional.

"There's a big following of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City at the moment, so a lot of fans of those shows come in wanting a similar everyday glam look.

"I think another reason for the trend is because of social media - whenever you go out your photos are taken and displayed, so there's more pressure to look your best at all times."

Ms Plant said current hair trends required "not just long layers, but long layers worn flowing down your back or over a shoulder".

"Hold the heavy styling products this season," she advised.

Ms Plant's tips for achieving a full-bodied blow-dry look at home included holding the hair taut and the blow-dryer at 90° when drying to achieve maximum smoothness and volume.

"Less-experienced blow-dryers can put each section of hair in a roller as they blow-dry, to help with setting the style," Ms Plant said.

"We've also been fans of the blow-dry at Bella Boutique, and everyone who comes here receives a blow-dry."



  • Shampoo hair and use a light conditioner in the ends only.
  • Set out your equipment; a blow-dryer, section clips and a medium round brush.
  • Towel-dry and apply curl creme to mid-lengths and ends.
  • Continue drying to remove 80% of moisture from the hair.
  • Take sections starting from the nape and pull hair taut while blow-drying at a 90° angle.
  • Continue blow-drying until all hair is smooth and voluminous.
  • Finish with a light mist of strong hold hairspray.

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