STOLEN: Jason Hansen’s beloved bike was replaced with this note.
STOLEN: Jason Hansen’s beloved bike was replaced with this note. Contributed

Clermont boy heartbroken after bike stolen

TWO weeks ago, 10-year-old Jason Hansen decided to put the pedal to the metal after an injury.

But when he searched for his bike, a note was sticky taped to the wall where the black BMX bike with red rims had once been.

"I lost my bike a couple of years ago and happened to see it in your backyard so I took it back," the note read.

"Thank you for looking after it. But I will take it now."

Jason's mother Clarissa said her son had been devastated since the bike was stolen.

She said the bike was given to Jason after a close friend found it abandoned in his yard more than two years ago.

"They took it to the cops who suggested they posted it up on Facebook," Clarissa said.

"When no one claimed it for about six months, the police gave it back to our friend as unclaimed property - so our friend gave it to Jason for his birthday and he really treasured it.

"We have had it since June 2012 and they decided to claim it back two weeks ago.

"Fair enough it may be the person's bike because it was abandoned - but the rudeness to just take it and not try to sort something out with us.

"For someone to wait three years to come and steal it and devastate a ten-year-old boy, it is a bit nasty."

Clarissa said it was scary to think the thief would have had to walk straight into their backyard.

"It's almost like they have waited until we are out to take it - which is a bit scary," she said.

"The worst thing about it is our family is going through so much already, and the last thing we need is poor Jason to get his bike stolen."

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