OUTSTANDING: Some of the unbelievable Bin Lid Stands being captured around the country.
OUTSTANDING: Some of the unbelievable Bin Lid Stands being captured around the country. Facebook- Bin Lid Stands

Bin Lid Stands the newest extreme sport? What rubbish!

DON'T write this yarn off as rubbish just yet.

Seriously, I'm about to point you to one of the greatest Facebook pages I've come across.

Bin Lid Stands.


It's as simple as it sounds, yet beautiful at the same time.


For decades garbos have been some of the most unappreciated of our workforce.

They do the job no one else wants to do.

Taking out the trash, dealing with split bags all while trying to navigate a couple of tonnes of machinery in between some of the worst parallel parking going around.

So Bin Lid Stands is doing what should have been done all those years ago.

Paying credit where it's due.

"This Facebook page is committed to supporting the sport known as bin lid standing," the page reads.

So how does it work?

Well, eager 'BLS' bandits from around the country are on the lookout for the best bin lid stands going around.

"A bin lid stand is created after the bin is emptied and replaced back on the kerb in such a manner that causes the lid to open, the bin to lean and catch the edge of its lid such that it is no longer standing upright. Human intervention is not allowed," the rules outline.

"There are a number of categories and measures of difficulty that apply."

The Bin Lid Stands page even outline a series of categories in the latest craze to street-sweep the nation.


Single - the bin lid stand involves no other bins.

Dual - Two bins are exhibiting their own stand.

Team - More than 2 bins are exhibiting their own stands.

Assisted - When one bin is supporting another bin's stand.

Supported - When the bin lid stand is supported by an object that is not a bin.

Difficulty Measures:

Angle - the angle at which the bin lid is standing.

Distance - the distance from the kerb.

X-factor bonus points are awarded for artistic and rare style variations... something out of the box.

It's serious business. Sort of. Okay not at all. But don't trash us for what you may feel is gutter journalism here. We know it's not Walkley-worthy subject matter but hey, who are we to refuse a bit of humour?


1. Furries of Arizona: Yep, you know the ones, the people who identify as animals. If not, check out Furries: An Inside Look. Fascinating viewing.

2. Showry: From octopus to sauce, this lass will cover herself in anything. It's odd, bizarre, probably slightly not-safe-for-work but ridiculously amusing.

3. Badly Stuffed Animals: Pretty much how it sounds. Some of the greatest taxidermy fails of all time. Some are chilling, most are straight up gold.

4. Owling: Sort of like planking, but with owls. Well not real owls, people pretending to be owls. You get it, just check it out.

5. Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig: Absolutely pointless. Zero benefit and will waste at least one to two minutes of your time. The viral video inspired its own Facebook page. You know you'll check it out again.

Even better than the stands themselves, the absolutely brilliant descriptions of Bin Lid Stands spotted around the traps are flowing in, complete with scores out of 10.

By the looks of it, to stand one up in the gutter is the holy grail of the new pastime.

"A rare hat-trick from inside the truck. 1 of my proudest moments. A combo with my fellow garbo... I felt like I was Warney taking a hat-trick in front of 80,000 at the G (MCG)," one triumphant poster wrote after the rare feat of nailing three 'BLS' in a row.

Sensational efforts and Newcastle appears to be right in the mix as the hotspot for super stands of the bin variety.

Some of the key rules appear to be:

-The bin MUST be empty. Full bins tipped over are a straight up no-no.

-It appears the fall must be by accident and captured out of sheer luck, although it is questionable whether some of these have been staged

-The description and rating must be taken extremely seriously, with solid assessment of each Bin Lid Stand on its individual merits.

It's got us thinking now though, what's the most bizarre Facebook group you've come across?

NB: There is no evidence these stands were performed deliberately by garbos on the page, they may have occurred by accident or been staged, however they all need to be applauded for turning the mundane into magnificent.

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