Water at Birdsville race track.
Water at Birdsville race track. Tiffany Rigby

Birdsville rain buckets down on drought-prone town

THE outback Queensland town of Birdsville has received more rain in the first two weeks of this year than it received in all of last year.

The tiny drought-prone town received more than 68mm of rain - nearly three times its average January rainfall.

Only 58.4mm of rain fell across the region last year - well below its yearly average of 126mm.

Birdsville resident Meg Mason told ABC Radio on Tuesday she had been given the job of checking the airport rain gauge twice a day.

She said the rain was the talk of the town.

"Everyone in town asks me, how much now, how much now, how much are we up to?" Ms Mason said.

"Everybody goes to check the river and look at the water at least twice a day."

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast more rain to fall across the region this week before a return of sunny conditions at the weekend.

More than 70% of Queensland has been drought-declared after a continued dry spell of nearly two years.



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