Wagon Wheel thief offers cops cash to avoid court

A SHOPLIFTER caught with a stolen chocolate biscuit offered police $50 to let him go.

In Ipswich Magistrates Court, Benjamin Hugh Beddoes pleaded guilty to stealing a Wagon Wheel biscuit worth about $2.

The 34-year-old was stopped by police after he pocketed the item at Woolworths in Ipswich and then left the store without paying for it.

Rather than go to court, Beddoes said he tried to resolve the situation by offering the arresting officers $50 to pay for the item.

"Unfortunately they refused to take the money," he told the court last week.

"I know it's sort of bribery, but I'd rather pay $50 for a Wagon Wheel than go to court."

Beddoes, an Ipswich baker, said he had purchased other items from the supermarket and simply forgot about the biscuit in his pocket.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kerry Allison said the theft took place on September 5.

Beddoes also pleaded guilty to contravening a requirement or direction given by police for another incident on September 13. He was fined $400.

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