Bleijie ‘stalls’ on MP visit to prison

INDEPENDENT MP Peter Wellington claims he has been unreasonably delayed in gaining permission for an official visit to Woodford Prison.

It was seven weeks since he made the request after reports of overcrowding, pest infestation, sewerage problems and that inmates did not have access to daily showers.

He accused Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie (pictured) of having something to hide about the state of the prison.

"I contacted the Attorney-General on January 8, 2014 requesting an opportunity to visit Woodford Prison, after hearing stories of the appalling conditions under which prisoners are being held,'' Mr Wellington said.

"It is over seven weeks since I first made the request and the Attorney-General is still refusing to respond.

"I am being given the runaround and I have to ask what he is hiding?

"Is he stretching this out for as long as possible, so there is time to clean up one area for a visit or is he simply trying to create animosity?

"One inquiry indicated that the request was with Corrective Services, so I contacted Corrective Services who said the response was with the Attorney-General.

"On February 12, the Attorney-General's office said the response was with an advisor and I would have a response by the end of the week.

"I then heard it was being amended and this week my correspondence was totally ignored."

Mr Bleijie said Queensland Corrective Services had safety and security concerns about any visit to the prison.

"The Member for Nicklin can expect a response from the department's Director-General in the near future,'' he said.

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