Peter Slipper's office on Point Cartwright Drive was vandalised with graffiti.
Peter Slipper's office on Point Cartwright Drive was vandalised with graffiti. Cade Mooney

Blogger claims he did graffiti

A MYSTERIOUS blogger has claimed credit for Thursday night's graffiti attack on Peter Slipper's office.

Identifying himself only as Alan and blogging under the pseudonym "amitch98", the man wrote "I did this" before going onto describe himself as "a mature middle aged man who, like the rest of the Sunshine Coast, has had a gutful of Peter Sleeper".

The controversial MP's office was attacked just hours after he released an open letter to voters on why he defected from the LNP.

The words "grub", "slimeball", "loser", "wanker" and "rsole" have been spray painted on the glass windows of his electorate office opposite Kawana Shoppingworld.

Devil horns have been drawn on pictures of Mr Slipper, who is often referred to as "Slippery Pete" amid local anger over his extravagant travel and office expenses.

"I am not a kid who wears his baseball cap back the front and does those funny finger signs," the mystery man wrote on the Daily's site.

"I am not a supporter of the LNP or any other party.

"What I did was wrong, but I have never before and probably will never again re-pete (!) this.

"I do believe though, that inside the majority of Coasters, there is a little voice saying 'I wish I did that'.

"I look forward to the day that Fisher has decent representation."

Police are investigating the graffiti attack and Mr Slipper released a short statement, saying he was "disappointed" by it.

"It in no way diminishes my resolve to be the best Independent Speaker I can be," he said.

"I will not speculate on who committed this crime; I am focused on directing my energy toward improving things that matter on the Sunshine Coast and in Parliament.

"I reiterate that I am strongly committed to working with those on all sides of politics to improve how Parliament operates. My door remains always open to all constituents to discuss matters of concern to them.

"I have respect for the views of all, including those who disagree with me, and I appreciate hearing and debating new ideas."

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