Blogger mum pens her budget busting book

MAKING FRUGAL COOL: Gympie stay at home mum Jody Allen has launched a new book and appeared on Sunrise yesterday morning to promote it.
MAKING FRUGAL COOL: Gympie stay at home mum Jody Allen has launched a new book and appeared on Sunrise yesterday morning to promote it. Contributed

GYMPIE Stay At Home Mum blogger Jody Allen appeared on Channel 7's Sunrise program yesterday morning following the release of her budget busting book Live Well on Less.

Jody's star shows no sign of fading as her mega successful website - she has half a million followers - goes from strength to strength.

Jody has recently expanded her empire into print with, firstly, the Once a Month Cook Book and now Live Well On Less: A Practical Guide to Running a Lean Household.

Her new mantra is "I want to make frugal cool" and by all accounts that is exactly what she is doing.

Live Well on Less contains guidelines on how to freeze meals, how to use up everything in your pantry, sample shopping lists, inspiring stories from other savvy mums, meal plans and how to make sure nothing goes to waste.

News of her new book launch was picked up by the Daily Telegraph earlier this month; the newspaper setting her the challenge of coming up with a menu to live on $50/week - which she did.

It was published in the Telegraph on May 18, and Michelle Tapper from Sunrise picked it up, then travelled to Gympie to film at Jody and Brendan's home for the segment which aired yesterday morning.

Jody travelled to Maroochydore to do a live cross with Samantha Armytage and David Koch.

Sporting a red-hot new hairstyle, Jody says $50 might not seem like a lot of money, but you can get a lot of food for that amount if you sit down and plan carefully.

"I know because I lived on $50 a week grocery money for years while saving up to buy a house," she says. "The hardest thing about living on $50 a week is your mindset because if you think negatively it will be hard work, but think positively then you can get creative and eat like a king."

The secret to being savvy with your grocery budget is to use everything because any food you throw away is costing you money, she said.

"If you don't eat everything you buy, freeze it so you can eat it later."

Before heading out to shop, she says, take stock of what is already in the fridge/freezer/pantry, then check what is about to go out of date, what needs to be used up and what vegies in the crisper can be salvaged.

Make a shopping list of only the things you need then drive straight past the supermarkets and head to your local greengrocer and butcher.

"Your meats and fresh produce will be cheaper and better quality if you buy from local suppliers," she said.

"The big chains are great for things like tinned tomatoes and basic staples, and discount stores like Aldi can save you a packet."

Budget Tips

 Go through your bills;

 Organise your pantry;

 Cook from scratch;

 Simplify your cleaning products.


 Buy in bulk;

 Buy generic brands in staples;

 Look for specials;

 Plan your meals.

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