No blue card for dad who flogged daughter with bamboo stick

A FATHER who was convicted of flogging his daughter with a bamboo stick has had his application for his blue card to be reinstated rejected.

The man, who cannot be named, was shocked to learn the criminal conviction over the incident with his daughter resulted in his blue card being revoked.

The man, who was born in Stanthorpe, raised in Toowoomba and settled on the Sunshine Coast, was convicted in 2011 over the incident with his daughter.

He has always been a strong advocate for the use of physical discipline on children.

During his trial the court heard about the events leading up to the man flogging his daughter 10 - 15 times with a bamboo stick.

"The defendant has walked into the lounge room and probably seen the complainant child using or hiding her iPod," the court was told.

"The defendant has taken the iPod off the complainant child where the complainant child has stated "f*****g hell.

The court heard he then told his daughter to go to her bedroom before he walked out to the back yard and cut off a piece of bamboo and has walked back into his daughter's bedroom and hit her several times across the buttocks.

He was subsequently found guilty and ordered to perform 120 hours of community service.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People and Child Guardian subsequently revoked the man's blue card, placing his heavy involvement with Surf Lifesaving in jeopardy.

The man appealed the commissioner's decision to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, but was once again unsuccessful.

The tribunal said it was not satisfied the man had demonstrated any insight into his actions or behaviour.

"The experience of being charged, convicted and penalised has not led to any acknowledgement that his discipline of his daughter was not reasonable," it concluded.

"The tribunal has been left in no doubt that the man regards the use of corporal punishment as not only legal but also appropriate to discipline children. "He did concede towards the end of the hearing that perhaps it was not effective once children become adolescents."

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