BMA warns it will not compromise

BMA has warned it will not compromise on the range of issues outstanding in the current enterprise agreement

negotiations with the Single Bargaining Unit.

The company hit back at claims it was stripping its workers of their rights, and instead accused the tri-party union group of scaremongering and misleading the public, and employee families.

BMA asset president Steve Dumble said there were a number of issues the company and the SBU didn't agree on, and the slow progress made at the 32 meetings held in the past nine months had prompted the current employee ballot.

"I think it's fair to say it has gone much slower than we'd hoped for," Mr Dumble said.

"The unions don't seem

motivated to get things done.

"We, a couple of weeks ago, reached a point with the unions that they weren't willing to compromise on some critical issues, and neither were we."

He said the SBU's campaign that said employees must work on Christmas and Boxing Day was "out there to scare the people and support the unions".

Mr Dumble said the remaining issues yet to be agreed on "largely get to the heart of our ability to manage our

business", and accused the unions of attempting to take up a supervisor role within the resource company.

He said the SBU had collectively tried dictating to BMA what they want workers to be paid and had tried to control who the company could recruit, as well as impeding on BMA's attempt to put the "most credit-worthy person" in the right job.

"We've been negotiating regularly and clearly with what's on offer and the nature of the issues that we haven't been able to agree on with the unions," Mr Dumble said.

"We've put an agreement on the table... (it's) in the external world at the moment."

Mr Dumble said the company had made a range of flexibilities for workers about where and how they live, as well as their commute to and from the coalface of the seven mines impacted by the work stoppages.

"We believe it's a good

balance between what the employees need today and in the future," he said.

The employee ballot closes on October 12.

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