Bomb hoaxer, burglar facing stint in rehabilitation

A YOUNG burglar, who scrawled a bomb threat on a hotel wall and went on a stealing spree between North Queensland and Maryborough, is on his way to rehab.

Joshua John Buss, 26, pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday to bomb hoax, burglary and 17 dishonest offences including fraud and stealing.

The troubled thief committed the bulk of the offences around Atherton in the state's north before robbing a home at Maryborough with a group of friends last August.

Jewellery was stolen during the burglary but the court heard Buss likely "went along with" the group and was not the "mastermind" of the crime.

He also left a threatening message on the wall of a Townsville hotel.

Judge David Reid said while it was clear the empty threat was reflective of Buss' state of mind at the time, it still would have been distressing to those who came across it.

The court heard Buss' childhood was marred by abuse and made harder by a congenital neurological disorder and subsequent right hand deformity which meant he was missing several fingers.

Despite these difficulties, Judge Reid said it was time for Buss, who had a long criminal history and had previously served other stints in jail, "to stop taking people's things".

Buss was sentenced to three years in jail with immediate parole so he could catch a bus to Toowoomba where a bed was waiting at the Teen Challenge rehabilitation program.

Judge Reid said it was an opportunity for Buss to change his life.

He said he would have imposed an intensive correction order but as the program could only accept a new client if they were on parole, he would "take a punt" on Buss and hope for the best.

He urged Buss to return to Atherton, where he was said to have the support of his family, once he had completed the program.

Taking into account the time he has already spent in jail, Buss will remain on parole until September next year

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