Legacy of Eden, Nelle Davy’s debut novel, is wonderfully gothic.
Legacy of Eden, Nelle Davy’s debut novel, is wonderfully gothic. Contributed

Book review: The Legacy of Eden

BOOK: The Legacy of Eden
AUTHOR: Nelle Davy
RRP: $29.99

"OUR farm was like the world when people still thought it was flat.

"And when you left it, it was as if you had simply sailed too far and fallen off the surface into the void."

They called the home Aurelia, a grand mansion that had stood for generations, spreading across pristine Iowa land.

It was a house owned originally by Lavinia Hathaway, a matriarch of a woman who ruled with an iron fist.

There were few joyous times in the house; it was as if the house cast doom on all who resided there.

Now the last resident of Aurelia has passed away and with his passing came the legacy of finding a relative willing to restore the house to its former beauty - and descend into madness.

Meredith Pincetti is most certainly not looking to uproot herself out to the plains of Iowa; she is an uptown New Yorker who has spent 17 years trying to forget the house and her connection with it.

But the house has been left to her and she must now face her demons and bend the house to her will.

Legacy of Eden, author Nelle Davy's debut novel, is a wonderfully gothic read.

Set against the dark, almost spooky backdrop of Aurelia House, with interesting characters and family drama, it is a hard book to put down.

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