Elizabeth Kettle picks up a great read at Another Story bookstore yesterday.
Elizabeth Kettle picks up a great read at Another Story bookstore yesterday. Allan Reinikka

Old style reading under e-attack

ROCKHAMPTON'S only independent new bookstore is still standing strong despite the rising popularity of e-books.

Since its opening, Another Story has added a new chapter to Rocky's book-lover history in what are increasingly tough times for stores.

Last year some of the big book chains closed in the city. Information from Rockhampton Regional Council yesterday shows a 5% drop in loans from libraries.

Another Story owner Andrew Tickner says people love to read. But rather than working against technology the store works with it.

"Our sales have increased enormously as we now order a lot of books online," Andrew said.

"I think people enjoy coming in, looking through a book, feeling the texture and not everyone has the time to be searching for books on the net.

"We do however lose a lot of sales to the internet, but we couldn't go as far as to say the internet is killing us."

Another Story has been open for 16 months and flat out.

"Our store is a rare commodity in Rockhampton, with books, stationery and coffee which is a good market for customers."



Rockhampton Library 2011 stats show:

  • 37,197 active members were using libraries with 1805 new members after July
  • Loans totalled 384,660 - a 5% drop on 2010

Source: Council

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