HE called it dumb behaviour and a magistrate agreed, after Rory Dormer jumped onto a parked car, smashing its windscreen with his heavy foot work.

Dormer, 21, said his bad behaviour after a Christmas party was dumb and Gladstone magistrate Jeffrey Clarke agreed.

Dormer pleaded guilty to public nuisance near licensed premises of the Reef Hotel just after midnight on December 19; and obstructing police.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens said Dormer was on Goondoon St at 12.10am when he got up onto a car's bonnet and roof and caused its windscreen to smash.

He was seen by witnesses to knock over wheelie bins and walk off.

When police found Dormer, Sgt Stevens said he appeared very intoxicated.

"He says he had done nothing wrong," Sgt Stevens said.

However, police viewed the smashed windscreen, overturned wheelie bins and arrested him.

This man was ordered to pay compensation after he jumped on a strangers car on a night out.
This man was ordered to pay compensation after he jumped on a strangers car on a night out.

Sgt Stevens said he obstructed police by at first refusing to get into the back of the police car.

He complied then continued refusing to move across the seat (he was behind the driver) despite being told several times to move.

Dormer was physically moved over but Sgt Stevens said he remained uncooperative at the watchhouse.

Dressed in tradie work boots and high-viz gear Dormer represented himself, telling magistrate Jeffrey Clarke he was very drunk at the time.

"You realise there is no place for this loutish behaviour," Mr Clarke said.

"It was after a work Christmas party. I shouldn't have done it.

"You won't see me back in here."

"You say it was very dumb behaviour. Making a nuisance of yourself and damaging other people's property," Mr Clarke said.

He ordered Dormer do 60 hours of unpaid community service work and pay $350 compensation to the owner.

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