Great Cloth Diaper Change 2014

VIDEO: Bottoms up for a Guinness challenge

IF YOU think changing one dirty nappy is a challenge, try organising 47 of them all at once - and using washable cloth diapers, not the disposables.

The mums and dads taking part had a big job ahead in their mass nappy change challenge, but it was all in a good cause.

With bouncing babies with dry bottoms in their arms, the parents helped contribute to the worldwide Great Cloth Diaper Guinness World Record attempt.

The event at the Millwell Rd Community Centre at Maroochydore, was hosted by Eco Child and the Sustainable Parenting Association, and was one of 366 locations across the world simultaneously changing nappies.

Yesterday's efforts locally were just one less than last year, where 48 diaper changes contributed to the world record of 8301 nappies changed.

Eco Child owner Carly Earls said the event was a chance for parents to get together, but to also raise awareness of the benefits of using cloth nappies and environmentally friendly parenting.

"With over 40 babies, the event went surprisingly smoothly," Mrs Earls said.

"And we didn't even have one nappy mishap."

The event served as an awareness campaign that cloth nappies were still an option for mothers in times where disposable nappies were increasingly the norm.

"As an association we provide cloth nappy kits for parents to trial cloth nappies and 98% of the time, they are converted," Mrs Earls said.

"From a family perspective, disposable nappies can cost more than $3000 a year whereas a disposable nappy kit is more like $500.

"But it's not just about family budgeting, it's the environmental impacts that are disturbing."

Six events were held across Australia yesterday as part of the overall attempt.

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