Bowlers make club history

IN NEARLY seven decades, the Emerald Bowls Club’s Men’s Pennants Team has never reached the state pennants finals.

Until now.

“Every year since the early ‘50s we’ve played in this competition,” member Mark Gallagher said.

“For seventy-odd years we’ve been trying to achieve what we’ve just achieved.”

The men qualified for the Queensland state finals recently by out-bowling Prosperine.

They will travel to Tweed Heads early next month to compete against seven other teams from across the state.

It’s the first time Emerald bowlers have represented the town in the state titles.

“Everyone’s excited about going down,” Mr Gallagher said.

“We’re an outside chance of giving it a shake.

“But the job’s only half done: now that we got this far we’ve got to go down there and compete.”

Ms Lorraine Baker, member of the Emerald Bowls Club for 40 years, was excited about the team’s success.

“Hell yeah, I’m proud of the men,” she said.

“They’re in the top eight in Queensland. It’s a proud thing and a big honour to represent your club in something like this.

“And they’ve got as good a chance as anyone else.”

Ms Baker values most the spirit among club members.

“We class ourselves as a family club, and the members always rally together.

“If one hurts, everybody gets in to help.

“The whole club is supporting.”

Ms Baker hopes to have a reunion celebration for the club’s 70th anniversary next year.

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