Boxer faces court for drunken punch

BY the time police arrived at the back of the Emerald Hotel about 3am on July 19, they couldn't see a disturbance but reports received told officers something had happened.

When they got there, officers began interviewing witnesses and were told Melissa Dawn Parter had been starting fights, hurling abuse and causing a scene.

But the incident that got her before the Emerald Magistrate's Court on Monday, pleading guilty to one count of assaults occasioning bodily harm, was the punch she landed on Johnny Tiato's face, knocking a tooth out before walking away.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Robyn Schapcott told the court Mr Tiato, who knew the defendant, had tried to calm the situation down when Parter turned on him, yelling: "Oh ****, you want to go."

She then walked off and Mr Tiato went to hospital for treatment.

On July 24, Parter reported to the Emerald police station where she refused to take part in an interview regarding the event.

Solicitor Brian Studman told the court Parter had won her bout at the Capella boxing competition that night and had gone to Emerald to celebrate with friends.

He said a motorbike accident she had been in years before had left her dependant on pain medication, but she hadn't taken any that night because she wanted to be in top form for her boxing match.

Usually, the medication calms her down, Mr Studman told the court.

He said Parter was remorseful for her actions that night, and since being charged, she had found "golf is more (the sport) for her", despite growing up in a family where boxing and physical contact was "a way of life".

He asked for a fine be given to his client before Mgst Cameron Press interjected with: "You don't go punching people in licensed premises and ask for fines."

"You put forth reasons why they not be imprisoned," he said.

In handing down his sentence, Mgst Press issued a stern warning.

"The alcohol-fuelled violence in licensed premises is a problem throughout the country, and a problem here," he said.

"I've not been told of any circumstances where the victim aggravated you in any way.

"It is appropriate a form of imprisonment be imposed."

Mgst Press convicted and imprisoned Parter for two months, with an immediate parole date of Monday.

She was fined $300.

The convictions were recorded against her and Parter was banned from entering the Emerald Hotel for 12 months.

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