Boy with ticket left stranded by Jetstar staff

A 13-year-old boy was distraught after Jetstar refused to let him fly home to Wellington because he didn't have identification.

Luke Te Moana, from Upper Hutt, had flown to Auckland from Wellington on Friday without any problem, but he was refused from an Auckland to Wellington flight last night.

A Jetstar spokesperson stood by the refusal saying the airline has "policies in place for young people travelling without adults," according to Fairfax.

Jestar acknowledged it was a "frustrating experience".

Te Moana said that he waited for up to an hour in the departure lounge after being told he was too young to fly, before his uncle came and collected him.

Rob Te Moana, who was waiting for his son to arrive in Wellington, called Jetstar to be told that the airline could not discuss the situation with him as his name was not on the ticket.

Finally arrangements were made to fly Te Moana to Wellington this morning.

"I just feel gutted for the little bugger," his father said.

"It's just ridiculous - they let him on going up there."

"He doesn't carry photo ID - he is only 13."

A Jetstar representative informed the Herald that family members can pre-arrange a range of different forms of ID before a person under the age of 12 travels.

Te Moana has sworn he will never fly with Jetstar again.

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