The scene of a double car fire in a cane field at Thabeban has turned into a crime scene.
The scene of a double car fire in a cane field at Thabeban has turned into a crime scene.

CRIME SCENE: Detectives investigate suspicious car fires


BUNDABERG police are investigating a suspicious fire after two cars engulfed in flames were destroyed at Thabeban.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman confirmed a member of the public had been driving toward Bundaberg when the two alight cars were spotted sitting on each side of Silky Oak St (a dirt road) about 6.30pm yesterday.

Upon their arrival, four Queensland Fire and Emergency Services units worked to extinguish the blaze, which had spread to a nearby cane field.

The Toyota Hilux and Mercedes involved in the inferno were destroyed.

"They have been towed away and a crime scene was established," the QPS spokesman told the NewsMail this morning.

The Bundaberg Criminal Investigation branch are investigating the suspicious incident.

No one has been charged in relation to the fire at this stage.

FRIDAY: 8.50pm |

FOUR fire crews have left the scene of a double-car fire at Thabeban after they managed to extinguish the blaze near Silky Oak St.

A Firecomms spokeswoman confirmed at least two rural units and two urban crews responded to the two cars on fire in a cane field at Thabeban this evening.

The spokeswoman said while a fire investigator had been called to the scene to answer police's questions, it was still unconfirmed whether the blaze was suspicious.

Fireys left the area about 8.15pm

FRIDAY: 7.25pm |

FIREFIGHTERS are battling a blaze at Thabeban after flames engulfing two cars spread to a cane field.

A Firecomms spokeswoman told the NewsMail Queensland Police Service first got the call about 6.40pm, after which Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were quickly asked to respond.

There are currently two fire crews at the scene near Silky Oak St.

It is understood the incident, which started as two cars on fire, quickly grew into a vegetation blaze when the cane field the cars were located in caught alight.

It is still unknown whether anyone has been injured.

Police are on scene.

This is a developing story. Updates to follow.

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