Stone & Wood director Ben Summons (left) and James Perrin (right)  sustainability manager.
Stone & Wood director Ben Summons (left) and James Perrin (right) sustainability manager.

Brewery treads lighter on the earth

STONE & Wood Brewery have finished commissioning their ultra-filtration & reverse osmosis (UF-RO) system, the latest addition to their wastewater treatment process.

The system further treats the wastewater created during the brewing process, stripping everything out to create clean and useable reclaimed water.

The local and independent Northern Rivers brewery will use 100% of this reclaimed water for utilities (such as boilers, refrigeration) and wash-down in the brewery.

Managing Director Ben Summons is excited to continue implementing innovative technologies and processes to reduce the brewery's environmental impact.

"As a local business, we're committed to treading lightly on this earth and minimising our impact on the local community and environment," he said.

"The reclaimed water is actually at drinking quality but won't be using it to brew with."

Stone & Wood currently treats all of their wastewater on site.

With the instalment of the UF-RO however, upstream the consumption of water supply will be reduced by up to 15% and downstream, and the amount of wastewater going into the local council sewer network will also decrease.

"This not only turns a waste stream into something usable, but is also decreasing the amount of total water used at the brewery," Sustainability Manager, James Perrin said.

"This is a part of our broader Green Feet strategy which focuses on our water, energy and waste impact, ensuring we prioritise not just what we do, but how we do it."

Some of the brewery's other environmental initiatives include:

-95% of all solid waste is re-used or recycled. This includes grain as well as pack materials (glass, cardboard, plastic).

- The implementation of #forcupssake, a re-usable cup exchange to stop single use cups being used at events and thrown in the trash

- Boiler upgrades in conjunction with a NSW Govt. grant, reducing energy consumption by 20%

- The installation of 480 solar panels at the Murwillumbah site - providing up to 10% of the site's electricity use

- The installation of an ammonia refrigeration system reducing electricity consumption by 6%

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