Felicity Newman at All Things Christmas at Eumundi has been getting busier in the lead-up to December 25.
Felicity Newman at All Things Christmas at Eumundi has been getting busier in the lead-up to December 25. Geoff Potter

Bring out the baubles

ON the 11th week to Christmas my true love said to me, "wow all the decorations are already in the shops".

Tinsel and odds and ends have been trickling into the shops during the final few weeks of September but last week, Target, Myer Kmart and the supermarkets all officially launched their full range of Christmas decorations.

Halloween may still be yet to come but it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And the decorations already have been flying off the shelves at Myer Maroochydore.

Esther Cohen, a Myer Christmas section casual, said the baubles and smaller decorations were already proving to be quite popular.

She said while October seemed early to be thinking about decorations, this was a good time to start shopping so homemakers did not end up with an incomplete theme as some items would sell out. This year, Myer's Christmas decoration themes included Jingle Bells, Mystique, Baby's First Christmas, Nautic Fusion, Enchanted and Lux.

At Target Maroochydore last week, shoppers still seemed to be mostly browsing before they finalised their decoration choices.

Eumundi's All Things Christmas may be in the Christmas spirit all- year round but owner Felicity Newman said the store was already seeing an increase in customers.

"Now's the start and it will just get busier and busier. And by November, we will be flat out," she said.

She said that most of her customers bought their decorations in October and November and then, come December, people mostly bought last-minute items such as wrapping paper and bon-bons.

Felicity said the most popular items selling so far were LED lights for the tree, fairy lights and the Lemax village range.

She said that this year's hottest trend in Christmas decorations was acrylic decorations that lit up.

She said that there was no right or wrong when it came to decorating.

"It really comes down to an individual thing," Felicity said.

But her top decorating tip was to always put the lights on the tree first and to have them on when decorating it. "That way, if you find they don't work, then you don't have to take them off and start all over again."

Felcity said quality was the key to selecting the tree itself.

"You can get more than 10 years out of a good tree," she said.

She said a good Christmas tree had thick foliage and would not moult.

Decorating tips

If you don't have enough room for a big tree, consider a small tree atop a table

Get creative with decorations. Instead of throwing out old or broken decorations, recycle them to make something new

When choosing a colour scheme, keep it simple: only one or two colours

"Now's the start and it will just get busier and busier and by November we will be flat out."

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