Callum Haggerty has been convicted of rape. Picture: Facebook
Callum Haggerty has been convicted of rape. Picture: Facebook

Rapist’s ‘cold blooded’ question to victim

WARNING: Distressing content

A Queensland man with muscular dystrophy who posed as a wealthy businessman online to attract women has been sentenced to a decade behind bars for raping three.

He met two of his victims on dating site Oasis Active between 2015 and 2016.

"You thought this was your only way to meet girls," Justice Julie Ryrie said while sentencing Callum Joseph Haggerty in the District Court in Brisbane on Thursday.

The 28-year-old raped a third woman while out on bail for crimes against the first two and put her at risk of pregnancy and disease.

He was ordered to 10 years behind bars for five counts of rape against the women.

There were also two counts of common assault against one of the rape victims, two counts of fraud and breaching bail offences.

The court heard Haggerty, who sat hunched and wept throughout the hearing, directed his second victim to a remote dirt road after asking her to drop him at a friend's house.

He then choked her and slammed her head into a car door while raping her.

"She was hitting you, trying to make you stop, but your grip just simply tightened around her neck and she consequently did what she was told to stay alive," Justice Ryrie said.

"Your condition at that point wasn't so debilitating ... you used force against (the second victim) and you held down, successfully, (the first victim)."

Callum Haggerty leaves Southport Watchhouse. Picture: Jerad Williams
Callum Haggerty leaves Southport Watchhouse. Picture: Jerad Williams

He raped his third victim in a car in an isolated industrial estate in Brisbane in 2017.

The woman, a sex worker, agreed to have sex with him if he used a condom but he took it off during their encounter and was physically violent towards her when she repeatedly told him to stop.

"She was crying throughout and trying to resist him," prosecutor Matthew Hynes told the court.

"He said, 'did you enjoy that?'

"That is a cold blooded remark in my submission."

Justice Ryrie said Haggerty had exposed her to pregnancy and put her and her clients at risk of disease.

"You also insulted her by telling her that she wasn't really worthy of your attention much further," she said.

Mr Hynes said Haggerty's actions amounted to a serial rape case.

"What this all shows ... is an appalling attitude towards women generally and a willingness to threaten and then get violent with women," he said.

Haggerty also swindled a combined sum of about $50,000 from his second and third victims, along with another five women by duping them into buying iPhones, which he later hocked to support a gambling habit.

"The deception he used led to people being financially crippled, that led to him having some sort of hold over them and that pressure helped him in turn (to) rape," Mr Hynes said.

Chris Minnery, lawyer for Haggerty, said his client had acted out of a lack of self-worth as a result of his disability and he was remorseful for his actions.

He will be eligible for parole in March 2026 and will appeal his sentence.

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