Yves Daniel in his 'Belle Rive' garden.
Yves Daniel in his 'Belle Rive' garden. Cade Mooney

Bromeliad paradise on show

WITH the start of the 25th year of Open Gardens Australia, we would like to congratulate that worthy organisation on the wonderful success it has made of such a great project - opening some of the beautiful gardens created by Australian homeowners for the general public to enjoy.

Needless to say, this will continue hopefully for many years to come, and the first opening on the Sunshine Coast for this season is Belle Rive, the outstanding garden of plantsmen Lindsay Gerchow and Yves Daniel, at 7 Orme Rd, Buderim.

This is open from Friday, August 10, to Sunday, August 12, between 9am and 4.30pm, with entry $7 per person, under-16 free, and all proceeds of the sale of plants will go to the owners' pet project supporting Sri Lankan families in need.

Reputed to contain one of the largest private bromeliad collections in Australia (those who have seen it will readily agree), this is a "don't miss" for all garden lovers.

Due to their enthusiasm for this much-favoured plant family, when they had filled their own garden to capacity, they bought the property next door to enable them to expand, which they did with gay abandon.

A variety of different "garden rooms" contains thousands of rare, exotic and rainbow-coloured broms, providing wonderful carpets and features, and these have been enhanced by the many superb Asian ornaments tastefully added throughout, along with stunning "doorway" features and mirrors.

Don't miss the conservatory, where they have a very effective collection of orchids, ferns and other shade lovers.


A superb new annual

The beautiful new annual we're delighted to bring to you this week is the Verbena Lanai Twister Pink, and is certainly one of a kind.

The unique pink and white bicolour flowers are perfect stand-outs against the rich green foliage, and a real win for us is that this beauty enjoys hot summers and humidity.

So whether you only want a low-growing, colourful pot or basket specimen, or an outstanding ground-cover that will thrive and flower from early spring to autumn, in part or full sun, Twister Pink has to be the answer for all of us.

The full description is a trailing plant, growing up to 25cm tall and about 50cm across.

The plant's major requirements are well-drained soil, with fortnightly fertilising, water only when necessary (use the finger test, and if it's dry to your first knuckle, water it), and of course dead-head when necessary, which will encourage more flowers.

We understand the Lanai series won Best in Class garden performance at independent trials in the US, so that certainly sounds worth planting, doesn't it?


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