Budapest the next stop for Bundy boy

Freestyle rider Jack Fahey at home in Bundaberg.
Freestyle rider Jack Fahey at home in Bundaberg. Scottie Simmonds

JACK Fahey is living the life many people dream of.

Through hard work and commitment, Fahey has a job travelling the world and doing the thing he loves.

A professional rider for Mongoose, he is spending the week in Bundaberg preparing to fly to Budapest, Hungary, to compete in the Balaton Bike Fest.

Life is moving pretty fast for Fahey. After Hungary he has a trip planned to India.

He said a friend had been there before and he was looking forward to the trip.

"A mate went to India last time around. He said it was pretty intense," Fahey said.

"There were 10,000 people in one shopping centre to watch the guys."

The experiences Fahey has been having lately are a long way from the life he had before his jump into professional riding.

He worked many jobs as a roofer and plumber, but found it hard when his friends were riding and he was working.

Now they are working while Fahey is at home resting.

But he would not swap his life for anything. He says life can be unpredictable and he likes it that way.

"I don't know what will happen in the future," he said.

"I can be standing around talking and next minute I have a call saying I am going to India."

Of all the places Fahey gets to go to, there is one that he enjoys the most - Woodward Action Sports Park.

"Woodward is awesome. When I am there I get to meet some pretty interesting people," he said.

"It's got everything there for all sports.

"There are seven parks for BMX and skating."

With all the travelling Fahey gets to do, he has one place he still thinks about, and not in a good way.

"I was flying from Germany to France and when I got to Lyon airport my stuff had not arrived," he said.

"My ride had left, my phone was flat and I could only find one person that spoke a little bit of English."

After finally getting his luggage, and more importantly his bike, Fahey competed and qualified 12th for the final.

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