NOT HUMAN: A promotional shot being used by A Current Affair.
NOT HUMAN: A promotional shot being used by A Current Affair.

Murder victim's father disgusted by TV segment

READING the 25-page confession letter penned by his daughter Lateesha Nolan's murderer, Bundaberg's Mick Peet felt sick to his stomach.  

The detail of what Malcolm Naden had done to his 25-year-old cousin was so excruciating Mr Peet was convinced he was "not human".  

"He went into great detail of every part he cut off her. How he broke her back. It was very, very gory," he said.  

"I thought 'he's not human'. One human couldn't do this to another."  

It took Mr Peet two hours to read the devastating letter and the three years since to try and deal with it.  

But during the weekend, all the horror and that sickening feeling was brought right back in exactly 30 seconds.  

On Saturday a video popped up on Mr Peet's Facebook feed that Channel 9's A Current Affair had posted the night before.  

"The shocking confessions of Malcolm Naden," the post read. "The multiple killings in his own words."  

In the clip, a shadowed figure - an actor resembling Naden - recites what the program boasts to be the jailed killer's "own words".  

"I've killed people close to me," he says. "I'd like to say I feel something for the victims, but it would be a lie."  

The words are deeply disturbing, but it wasn't Naden's chilling quotes that shocked Mr Peet. It was the fact it was the first he was hearing about the "must-watch TV exclusive".  

Mr Peet is furious that Nine has given his daughter's murderer a voice and plans to broadcast his side of the story.

He is even more angry the network produced and promoted the story without his knowledge and is calling on Nine to pull the story.  

"I felt sick to the guts. It was disturbing and devastating seeing that. I'm very shocked," he told  

"They've said it's his confession and the only thing I can think about is the confession that I've read. What was in that confession was unbelievable. Something I've never seen in a horror movie or anything ... It's worse than Wolf Creek."

Nine said it produced the story "with the involvement of family members of the victims", but Mr Peet denies he was contacted.  

Naden confessed to Ms Nolan's murder followed his dramatic arrest in 2012.  

Australia's most wanted man, he spent seven years on the run and was captured by police living in a tiny hut amid dense bushland.  

After his capture he was sentenced to life for the 2005 murder of 15-year-old Dubbo girl Kristy Scholes as well as a further 21 years for murdering Ms Nolan that same year.  

Since then, Mr Peet said he and his family, and the family of Ms Scholes, have "just wanted Malcolm Naden to disappear".  

Mr Peet said he has purposely kept most of what he read in Naden's confession to himself so not to inflict its disturbing content on to others.   But he now he fears the words will be shared with thousands, including his grandchildren.  

"Even what was just in that clip. My grandchildren are going to see this, Lateesha's children, and that's not fair," he said.  

"A lot of people are telling me, you gotta stop this Mick, and I'd like to stop it."  

Mr Peet is backing calls for viewers to boycott A Current Affair and not watch tonight's program. That's if he can't stop it going ahead.  

"I'd like Channel 9 to sit down with families and have a chat with us before they go and do this," he said.  

"They don't understand how big of a shock it is. It has devastated me."  

Mr Peet is still reeling from his "beautiful" daughter's murder, and the subsequent devastation their loss and the years of uncertainty and media attention have caused.  

He says he still hasn't given Lateesha a proper farewell with remains discovered near Dubbo only last year still unable to be released for the traditional Aboriginal burial the family has planned.  

The A Current Affair segment is an unwelcome addition to the pain Mr Peet already carries, but he has a request for people who do watch the program:

"Just remember how sadistic he is."

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