Cyclone Marcia in infra-red, taken at 8am.
Cyclone Marcia in infra-red, taken at 8am.

Bureau warns of cyclonic conditions in Toowoomba

THE Bureau of Meteorology has warned Toowoomba could experience wind conditions similar to a Category One cyclone in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

Bureau spokesman Jess Carey said a reasonable rainfall forecast for Toowoomba was about 50-100mm in the next 24-48 hours.

Wind gusts of up to 90kmh could also be expected.

"I think the south-east coast is experiencing wind gusts up to 90kmh and potentially that could reach inland," he said.

"It really depends where it (TC Marcia) travels.

"There is some potential for it to scoot out to the coast but by the same token it could go right over the top of Toowoomba.

"It's still uncertain.

"The message is to prepare for very significant winds up to 90kmh."

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The Bureau defines the strongest wind gusts of a category one cyclone as gales of between 90kmh - 125kmh.

It carries negligible house damage, some damage to crops, trees and caravans, and gusts are more typical over open flat land.

Mr Carey said category 1 cyclonic conditions could be experienced around Toowoomba.

"Over the next couple of hours it won't be too much different (than current conditions)," he said.

"We're predicting well in excess of 100mm of rain on the Sunshine Coast and hinterland areas.

"Potentially there will be wet weather in and around Toowoomba. Not as heavy as on the coast, however.

"It will definitely be a wet day today and tomorrow with falls of somewhere between 50-100mm over that period."

He said higher rainfall totals were expected in the Lockyer Valley and areas east of the Toowoomba Range. 

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