Jeremy Marou (left) with Thomas Busby (right).
Jeremy Marou (left) with Thomas Busby (right).

Busby Marou to headline Mackay in post-COVID tour

NEARING the end of their album cycle, two musicians were forced to put everything on hold.

Busby Marou musician Thomas Busby was left frustrated when he was forced to put the remainder of the tour on hold because of COVID-19.

"(We) definitely weren't as hard done by as other artists who had just released albums and were about to go on tour and trying to promote it," Busby said.

"(Other musicians) put all this effort into these albums to earn money and then to cancel tours before they even started, that's very unfortunate.

"So, I've got to say that firstly, there's other people worse off, other artists, but we were at the end of our first cycle of the album, that was going really well."

Busby said he enjoyed the reset COVID brought as it allowed him to be home with his family.

"We felt it was a great reset," he said.

"I come to peace with that."

He said he didn't think they would tour until next year.

However, he said he was able to invest in other areas of his life outside of Busby Marou, such as a livestreaming company.

"But, we have also got our own passions and goals in life," Busby said.

"It's important to have, not so much your own career, but your own thing outside of Busby Marou."

Busby Marou's tour schedule
Busby Marou's tour schedule

He said Busy Marou was offered the chance to play in a "few festivals" in North Queensland but the musical duo initially turned them down.

"But they came back to us and hung the carrot (and said) 'trust me, you'll enjoy it'," Busby said.

"Went up to Port Douglas and Townsville, played the four festivals at Wonderland Under The Stars."

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He said it was the most amazing experience and made him realise people still wanted music, which prompted Busby Marou to put together a tour for their album.

Busby said this was to see how well it goes and to complete the rest of the album cycle.

He said the first two shows sold out in the first hour

Busby said an album cycle was comprised of writing the song and working together on creating songs for an album and radio.

"Then time comes, bang," he said.

"You release the album and you push it.

"The whole idea of the album is to have a 12 to 18 month cycle of touring, depending on how successful or how far you want to spread the love overseas."

After the tour, he said they planned on making new music under a different label.

Busby said after 10 years with Warner Music, they took up a contract with Sony Music for new challenges and to get out of their comfort zone.

"We're really excited about the next chapter and the next 10 years of our life will be with the Sony family and I reckon there is some big moves ahead and we're really excited about it," Busby said.

When it came to the tour, Busby said Mackay was one of the first shows to sell out in the first hour.

"That sold out in the hour and we actually tossed up putting another show same night, because there's a line-up and we could sell four, five shows," Busby said.

"But I think we will come back and reward the Mackay people for that, they've been so supportive, particularly at the start of this cycle.

"They're our biggest and most vocal crowd, Central and North Queensland."

Busby Marou will play the Mt Pleasant Tavern in Mackay on Thursday, November 5.

Tickets for the Back on the Tools Queensland tour are sold out in Mackay, but Busby said they planned to follow up early next year.

The Rockhampton outfit took centre field for the historic AFL Grand Final at the Gabba in October, and are among the headliners for the 2021 Way Out West Festival in Winton.


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