UPDATE: POLICE have deemed the package as safe and concluded the exclusion zone around Caboolture Square Shopping Centre.

Police confirmed that a shopper had found the suspicious bag in a Kmart dressing room, but its still unclear what the package actually was.

"Basically the bomb squad did their thing; they did an analysis, it looked like it was non-suspicious and there was nothing to be concerned about," a QPS spokeswoman said.

"We don't know what it is at this stage."

The roads have been reopened surrounding the retail precinct and staff and shoppers were allowed back into the complex by centre management at around 12:40pm.

"The centre reopened and everyone is safe," centre manager Geoff Wight said.

"People come first and they're the main priority in this situation. Police did a fantastic job and everyone's happy.

"Basically in an evacuation situation where people are asked to leave the building, police take control and direct them. Any trolleys left behind are up to the person to get it later on."

EARLIER: Bomb techs are investigating a suspicious device after shoppers and staff were evacuated from the Caboolture Square Shopping Centre. 

Streets have been blocked off and the water main isolated as authorities assess the threat. 

Bystander Graeme said he was told to evacuate by a cleaner.

"He came in saying, 'get out, get out. No seriously, you need to get out', and then it came on over the PA telling us to evacuate," he said.

"Kmart's doors were already shut when we came out ... everyone had to leave their trolleys where they were.

"I don't know if it was anything, but I guess they've got to do what they've got to do just in case."

Meat worker Guy Randall said he was coming up the stairs to Kmart when he was told to go back.

"They just said you have to leave. There's no imminent danger, but we want you all to leave," he said.

"From the gist I got, it's suspicious-looking device in an area closed off to the general public in the loading bay of Kmart.

"Apparently it's positioned above car park infrastructure, so if it was legit and serious it could affect the services into the centre.

"We just had a plumber 10 to 15 minutes ago isolating the water mains to this side of the street. He said it was nothing important, but you could tell he was in a hurry to do it."


EARLIER: CABOOLTURE Square Shopping Centre has been evacuated and surrounding streets are blocked off after a suspicious looking device was found within the complex.

Police were called to the scene at 9.20am but the incident has developed in the last 10 to 15 minutes.

Caboolture Sqaure Shopping Centre evacuated
Caboolture Sqaure Shopping Centre evacuated

A police media spokesman said the device was reported to look like it had wires coming out of it.

"Some sort of box or device," he said.

The spokesman said they are currently sending bomb techs in.

"We take all this incidents very seriously.

"Avoid the area entirely at this stage," he said.

Elliott, King and George streets as well as Morayfield Road have been blocked off.

Caboolture Sqaure Shopping Centre evacuated
Caboolture Sqaure Shopping Centre evacuated

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