KIEL Mountain Rd overpass could be renamed and repainted to honour Daniel Morcombe, if a passionate group of residents get its way.

Maroochy River resident Chris Sharkey suggested renaming the overpass Daniel Morcombe Bridge and repainting it red to remind those driving beneath it of the tragic Morcombe story.

Since the idea surfaced on Sunday, hundreds of residents supported the idea, however Bruce and Denise Morcombe are yet to share their view on it.

Mr Sharkey, who worked on the landscaping of the existing Daniel Morcombe memorial, launched a petition calling on Campbell Newman to make it official.

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Daniel was abducted while waiting for a bus under Kiel Mountain Rd overpass at Woombye on December 7, 2003. He planned to catch a bus to Sunshine Plaza to buy Christmas presents for his family but failed to return.

PAINT THE BRIDGE RED: Chris Sharkey wants to rename the Kiel Mountain overpass after Daniel Morcombe. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
PAINT THE BRIDGE RED: Chris Sharkey wants to rename the Kiel Mountain overpass after Daniel Morcombe. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily john mccutcheon

His abduction and death was one of the most investigated crimes in Queensland's history and prompted increased national awareness on stranger danger after a tireless campaign by his parents.

Mr Sharkey said the idea came to him when he noticed the overpass looking worse for wear and felt more was needed to keep Daniel's message fresh.

"It looked like it could use a good pressure wash and clean, I thought to myself, 'Why hadn't they named it after him yet?'" Mr Sharkey said. "It was such a high-profile case and everyone feels like they can empathise with the Morcombes. I've since become a father of two myself," he said.

Mr Sharkey said he knew of people visiting the Coast specifically to pay their respects at the memorial.

"As a community we've banded together in support of the Morcombes. I believe it's time to rename the bridge because as a community we already know it as the Daniel Morcombe Bridge. So it's time to make it official."

Bruce and Denise Morcombe were contacted by the Daily but were unable to respond by time of print.




Almost 2000 people gave their opinions on the suggestion on the Daily's Facebook page with mixed response.

Brian Coogan felt the name change was needed: "It's not only about him (Daniel) but also about protecting our kids and remembering the other lost ones; and not only about the ones lost to predators but also could be a reminder that we all live with some form of loss," he said.

Sharyn Jamscan said she was reminded of Daniel every time she drove under the overpass.

"I think naming the bridge ... will raise questions from children, that parents need to answer and discuss. 'Why is that bridge red, mum?'

"This has been the Morcombes' life for many years now, and their hard work in raising awareness would outlive us all - and save lives."

Others like Bill Holder were opposed to the idea.

"I'm sorry, and I don't mean to sound heartless, but Daniel is not the only child or person to ever go missing. I have nothing but respect for the work of the Morcombes and their legacy, but I think enough is enough," he said.

Some felt Morcombe Bridge was more suitable name to honour the work of the Morcombe family.


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