HIGH FLYER: Maryborough rider Campbell Allan will aim for a spot on the Australian team at this weekend's ACT titles.
HIGH FLYER: Maryborough rider Campbell Allan will aim for a spot on the Australian team at this weekend's ACT titles. Valerie Horton

Campbell's big chance for the national titles

FOR young BMXer Campbell Allan, this weekend could be his chance to make it big.

The 11-year-old star rider of the Maryborough BMX Club will compete in the weekend ACT Titles, alongside over 400 riders hailing from the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia vying for a shot at the championship.

But Campbell has far bigger aspirations in mind; he's eyeing a spot on the Australian team to race against New Zealand in the national titles later this year. And this weekend is the qualifier.

Dad Rohan knows Campbell has the makings of a champion, having seen his riding ability prosper over the last three years.

"We knew he had something special, and that he'd be pretty good," he said.

"We started putting him in state championships, getting him closer to world-rank riders as we put him through events.

"He loves it; we travel a lot, and he's since been sponsored by Rival Racing so they've clearly seen something special in him."

Campbell's record speaks for itself, having held the Central Queensland Champion title for three years in a row, and held the titles of Queensland Country Champion and South Australian Champion.

But the ACT competition would be more than another feather in his cap, with the qualifier for the Australian Titles allowing him into the big leagues.

Rohan said the qualifier would also bring him closer to his goal of racing in America, which was still on the card.

"To see him there at the Australian Titles, it would bring a tear to my eye," Rohan said.

"Campbell knows this weekend will be one of the biggest race days in his history, and we know he's good enough to beat out the other riders there.

"His chances are good, and we're confident he can do this."

Gym and track work are just part of the routine, with the family doing the rounds between the racetrack almost four times a week, and gym sessions twice a week to keep up fitness.

Campbell will also contend for the National Titles in April, and the Queensland titles later in August.

"It's a busy time for competition, and there are other events in between," Rohan said.

"It's the start of the big races for this year, and it's about getting him trained up for his competition, keeping up his fitness."

"We've been spending a lot of time at the track."

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