Darryl Rampton, Jackie Dakina and Mark Zimimerle in front of their amazing camp called Swill Hill.
Darryl Rampton, Jackie Dakina and Mark Zimimerle in front of their amazing camp called Swill Hill. Craig Warhurst

Swill Hill a Muster masterpiece

THE campers at Swill Hill have been Muster stalwarts for many years and, every year, their campsite gets bigger and better.

Three years ago, they were the envy of other Muster fans when they first set up their two-storey campsite in the Amamoor Creek State Forest.

This year, the boys and girls from Swill Hill have upped the ante with their Muster campsite and are ready to chase some of the great prizes on offer for the best campsite competition.

Darryl Rampton was one of the geniuses who came up with the idea to build their two-storey dream camp.

After winning $5500 on the lotto after the '07 Muster, Darryl bought steel and set about building the double-storey bar.

He and friends designed it so it folded down to the size of a shipping container and it could be fitted on the back of a flat bed truck and moved easily.

This year, Swill Hill has some welcome additions like satellite television, a big screen in the front yard that's visible from the bottom and top decks, new swinging front gates, a bear crossing and new letter box.

New deer antlers above the front door are a touching addition to the camp.

A friend of Darryl's gave the antlers to him at last year's Muster; unfortunately he died in a car crash on the back road to Muster after the event.

These added extras complement a huge array of home comforts already installed in the double-storey structure.

Upstairs there is beer on tap, a massive checker plate bar with plenty of room for all the neighbours, two LCD TV screens, huge sound system, a disco mirror ball, dartboard and hammocks.

Downstairs there is an ice machine, deep freeze, full kitchen, washing machine, shower, hot water system, pressure pump, a huge 20 Kva generator, porta loo and garden shed.

Darryl said the generator used about 250 litres of fuel a week if left running all day.

“We won't win the environmentally friendly campsite competition,” friend Jackie Dakin laughed.

In the front yard, fenced off with yellow palings, is an old sugar mill fugal basket.

Darryl says a fugal basket separated the molasses from the raw sugar in the sugar refining process, but at Swill Hill it doubles as a fire pit to warm up those cold winter nights.

Like Jackie said, Swill Hill may not win the environmentally friendly campsite award, but it should go close to winning one of the others.

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