Come on Australia get rid of the tampon tax.
Come on Australia get rid of the tampon tax. Contributed

OPINION: Canada scrapped tampon tax; we should follow

CANADA'S done it, why the bloody hell can't we?

The tampon tax has officially been scrapped in Canada and from July 1 women (and men if they chose) will be liberated from this ridiculous form of revenue raising.

It follows a concerted campaign, led by 29-year-old student Jill Piebiak who called herself "the leader of the Canadian menstruators".

Her online petition on Change.Org managed to get more than 74,000 signatures and in little over four months she achieved a major victory.

It has been announced the 5% GST on all sanitary products will be removed.

Kathy Sundstrom.
Kathy Sundstrom. barry leddicoat

My colleague, Lauren Grounsell raised this important issue in her Soapbox last month.

There is an Australian petition, organised by a Sydney University student Subeta Vimalarajah on website CommunityRun, which has more than 100,000 signatures.

But a man put pause to the debate.

And that the cause of the manopause is our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

He quickly doused Treasurer Joe Hockey's comments that it "probably should happen" when he said it "wasn't something this government plans to do".

I say every woman in Australia should consider a one day "strike" from using sanitary products to get the Prime Minister to consider if it really is a non-essential item which should attract the GST.

It would probably only take one hour for men everywhere to realise how important sanitary products are.

Some will argue, as they did when Lauren superbly raised the issue, the tax is not a big deal as it is only a small amount.

Conservatively, if you are paying 60 cents a month on GST for your sanitary products and times that over the life you use them it amounts to a big sum.

I'd rather spend the $30 saving a year on coffee thanks.

Others might dare to call it "sexist drivel".

I would suggest he try wearing a sanitary pad for a day and go to a blood bank to donate a cup of blood - the equivalent a woman loses each cycle - before he calls it drivel again.

Or the debate might get bogged down in discussions on how the GST should be applied to everything.

Well, I say Australian menstruators need to unite again and not give up.

Sanitary products need to join the list of essential items worldwide.

"That time of the month" is a headache for most women.

I have never heard someone say "hooray, guess what I've got" unless it's because they feared they were pregnant.

It's a fact of life and we put up with it, mostly in secret.

The very least the man in power can do is stop taxing us.

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