Michelle Dyson has cancer but has been given notice to leave her rented home.
Michelle Dyson has cancer but has been given notice to leave her rented home. Brenda Strong

Cancer mum faces life on the street

MICHELLE Dyson has cancer and in the next three weeks she will be homeless.

The mother of three was handed a notice to leave with no explanation other than it was the end of her lease.

She was not given the option to renew.

Ms Dyson said she had approached her real estate asking if she could stay until her treatment had finished - their response was a straight no.

After two major operations in five weeks she is becoming distressed about the future.

Ms Dyson recently discovered she may have to undergo more chemotherapy.

"I just want to be able to get healthy; I don't want to have to take my teenage children to a women's refuge," Ms Dyson said.

Her 17-year-old daughter has been her primary carer, showering her and giving her moral support.

"The little one looks after me - it takes a lot for her."

Ms Dyson has three letters from her doctors stating she needs assistance in her recovery.

One letter simply stated "leave her be."

She broke down as she read the list of surgeries she had received.

"They have all said I need time to recuperate and at this point moving is stressful.

"There is big money in real estate. I think they just want to increase the rent, they can't do that if I stay," she said.

Once her treatment is completed and Ms Dyson has been given the all clear in January, she will go home to Tasmania.

With her life in boxes Ms Dyson said her options are scarce.

"It is horrific. All I ask for is three months. I'm willing to move once I'm healthy."

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